The Feast of Steven Mysteries

Mystery 1:


Who is this? This photo is usually placed in the police station part of the story, but none of the scenes really match. My strong suspicion (actually, I’m pretty sure) is it’s actually from later on in the story and is this scene:


I mean, that looks like Steven being given a truncheon, doesn’t it? Which would mean the other figure is Assistant/Assistant Director: Conrad Monk, ie this actor:


Mystery 2:


There are hardly any scenes with the Doctor and Sara together, but there are these:

Feast 2


Feast 3

although neither seem to fit the shot as described. Another possibility would be the end scene (just before Mystery 4):

Feast 4

So who are in the background? Not a clue. Perhaps the figure to the left is the Prop Man (Buddy Windrush) – listed in credits but not in the scene breakdown? I say this only because he doesn’t look entirely unlike Buddy (ie Bryan Moseley) and scene shifters sometimes wear hats. Or it could be hat-wearer Tranton – seen in another of the non-telesnaps:


although the clothing doesn’t seem to completely match. But the figure back right is a total mystery.

Mystery 3:


I think this is this scene:

Feast 5

The man in the chair is obviously Steinberger, which would make the other figure the Assistant, as probably also seen in Mystery 1.

Mystery 4:

Feast pic 4

Must be this this one:

feast 6Feast 7

L-R 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

4 is Steinberger and 5 is Clown. Blossom is 6. 1 is dressed similarly to character in Mystery 1, so possibly the Assistant.  None of them are wearing pebble glasses (and Comic has exited by the time Webster enters), so he is presumably not one of the men. That leaves 2, 3 and 7. One is presumably Knopf – perhaps 2, as he’s more prominent (I can’t find any images of Mark Ross).

Feast 8

Who are ‘etc.’? I can’t find any images for Steve Machin (cameraman) or Harry Davies (Make-up) – but could one be Jack le White (Knopf’s cameraman) – picture here from The Prisoner:

Jack le White

– maybe figure3?


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