Mysteries and Hypotheses!

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As the only credited female characters in The Myth Makers are Vicki and Cassandra, this photo from the Radio Times presumably features extras, but as the only photographic record of other characters from the story I didn’t want to leave it out.

Screenshot 2015-08-26 09.42.20

Apart from Anne, the only other credited character at this Massacre photoshoot was the Captain of the Guard. Is he one of these characters?

Screenshot 2015-08-26 09.52.21He was played by actor Clive Cazes. Possibly the character seen second from the right?
Also from The Massacre are these photos by designer Michael Young (taken from the DWAS Season 3 Chronicle).  massacreset1massacreset2Who’s in them? Thanks to excellent deductions from Jonathan Morris and Clayton Hickman, current best guess is Captain of the Guard and pikeman, or possibly two guards.

Jumping ahead to The Savages, I’ve assigned Assistants 1-3 based on these script passages:Screenshot 2015-08-30 11.40.45So I’m assuming this shows 2nd Assistant checking the list while 3rd Assistant looks on (3rd Assistant is played by EastEnders co-creator Tony Holland and this character doesn’t look unlike him).


Then we have all three assistants plus Senta in this shot so, assuming the above deduction is correct, 1st Assistant would be the figure on the far left. savagesassistant


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