Spot the Difference

As readers of Doctor Who Magazine – at least those who don’t skip over my column with a cry of ‘aaaargh no!’ – will know, my husband and I have been watching an episode a day of Doctor Who since January 1st 2013 (our way of celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary). Recently we reached Part Six of The Invasion of Time (filmed in late 1977) – and something caught my eye. The Panopticon dais! Could it be…? Could it possibly be…?

Well, I don’t know. I asked friends who are more expert in these matters than me. They agreed it looked suspiciously similar, but no one actually knew. Could a prop from 1965 still be around in 1977? People didn’t think it impossible – although they suspected that if it were the same prop, it would probably have popped up in other things in between. So if you happen to have spotted something like this in Paul Temple or I, Clavdivs, please let me know…

(Oh, and expert observer Nick Pegg – @NIcholasPegg – points out that that’s probably a hexagonal door from the Liberator flight deck at the top of the stairs. Woo!)




3 thoughts on “Spot the Difference

  1. John S. Hall

    Why couldn’t this be the same dais prop? It certainly looks very similar! 🙂

    I mean, stranger things have happened — the statue plinths from the Morpho City in “The Keys of Marinus” turned up at the Swimming Pool in “Paradise Towers” 25 years later!

    And the original brass columns from “An Unearthly Child” were located at the props house from which they were originally hired, and reused to recreate those seminal scenes in “An Adventure in Time and Space”! 🙂

  2. David Weller

    Bit late I know, but what’s a few months 🙂

    Whilst rewatching ‘The Green Death’ recently, I noticed that the consule in BOSS’s control room looked suspiciously like the one that was on Moonbase in Gerry Anderson’s series UFO.

    1. Philip Ayres

      Green Death is your starter for ten when it comes to UFO control panels. They’re blinking everywhere after that including, but not limited to, Time Warrior, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Monster of Peladon, Ark in Space, Genesis of the Daleks, Stones of Blood and Revelation of the Daleks!


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