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As well as being a ridiculously big fan of Hartnell Who, I also collect girls’ comics, so it’s always rather lovely when the two things coincide – as they did when I came across this piece in the Girl Television and Film Annual 1965. Love its description of William Hartnell as a ‘fine actor’ as well as some rather interesting contemporary observations on the show.



The Feast of Steven Mysteries

Mystery 1:


Who is this? This photo is usually placed in the police station part of the story, but none of the scenes really match. My strong suspicion (actually, I’m pretty sure) is it’s actually from later on in the story and is this scene:


I mean, that looks like Steven being given a truncheon, doesn’t it? Which would mean the other figure is Assistant/Assistant Director: Conrad Monk, ie this actor:


Mystery 2:


There are hardly any scenes with the Doctor and Sara together, but there are these:

Feast 2


Feast 3

although neither seem to fit the shot as described. Another possibility would be the end scene (just before Mystery 4):

Feast 4

So who are in the background? Not a clue. Perhaps the figure to the left is the Prop Man (Buddy Windrush) – listed in credits but not in the scene breakdown? I say this only because he doesn’t look entirely unlike Buddy (ie Bryan Moseley) and scene shifters sometimes wear hats. Or it could be hat-wearer Tranton – seen in another of the non-telesnaps:


although the clothing doesn’t seem to completely match. But the figure back right is a total mystery.

Mystery 3:


I think this is this scene:

Feast 5

The man in the chair is obviously Steinberger, which would make the other figure the Assistant, as probably also seen in Mystery 1.

Mystery 4:

Feast pic 4

Must be this this one:

feast 6Feast 7

L-R 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

4 is Steinberger and 5 is Clown. Blossom is 6. 1 is dressed similarly to character in Mystery 1, so possibly the Assistant.  None of them are wearing pebble glasses (and Comic has exited by the time Webster enters), so he is presumably not one of the men. That leaves 2, 3 and 7. One is presumably Knopf – perhaps 2, as he’s more prominent (I can’t find any images of Mark Ross).

Feast 8

Who are ‘etc.’? I can’t find any images for Steve Machin (cameraman) or Harry Davies (Make-up) – but could one be Jack le White (Knopf’s cameraman) – picture here from The Prisoner:

Jack le White

– maybe figure3?

Mysteries and Hypotheses!

Screenshot 2015-08-05 11.58.07

As the only credited female characters in The Myth Makers are Vicki and Cassandra, this photo from the Radio Times presumably features extras, but as the only photographic record of other characters from the story I didn’t want to leave it out.

Screenshot 2015-08-26 09.42.20

Apart from Anne, the only other credited character at this Massacre photoshoot was the Captain of the Guard. Is he one of these characters?

Screenshot 2015-08-26 09.52.21He was played by actor Clive Cazes. Possibly the character seen second from the right?
Also from The Massacre are these photos by designer Michael Young (taken from the DWAS Season 3 Chronicle).  massacreset1massacreset2Who’s in them? Thanks to excellent deductions from Jonathan Morris and Clayton Hickman, current best guess is Captain of the Guard and pikeman, or possibly two guards.

Jumping ahead to The Savages, I’ve assigned Assistants 1-3 based on these script passages:Screenshot 2015-08-30 11.40.45So I’m assuming this shows 2nd Assistant checking the list while 3rd Assistant looks on (3rd Assistant is played by EastEnders co-creator Tony Holland and this character doesn’t look unlike him).


Then we have all three assistants plus Senta in this shot so, assuming the above deduction is correct, 1st Assistant would be the figure on the far left. savagesassistant

What did I miss? (Part One)

It won’t be a surprise to anyone who’s read any of the previous entries in this blog that I am a bit obsessed with the minutiae of Doctor Who missing episodes. This is a project that I’ve begun a few times over the years and have finally decided that enough was enough and this summer it would be finished! Sort of. In a work-in-progress kind of way.

There are 44 episodes of Hartnell Who missing. For 27 of these, there are no telesnaps. So – how many characters or monsters are there for whom we have no visual reference whatsoever? I wanted to find out. So first I made a list of every character who appeared *only* in a missing episode or episodes, and then I tried to find photos of them all – or work out who was who in the photos we have.

Some caveats. I’m only looking at credited cast (and I’ve used Doctor Who: The Television Companion by Howe/Stammers/Walker as my guide, although I have referred to the camera scripts for everything else). I’ve also taken as gospel Jonny Morris’s fantastic telesnap work in the recent DWM Missing Episode specials. And this is a work in progress. Where identities are in doubt my detective work has so far gone no further than trying to match up photos with scripts (in which there are contradictions in some cases) and looking at photos/performances of actors in other shows. Very often, this still resulted in guesswork. Hopefully people with better facial-recognition skills than me will point out errors or confirm guesses.

There are a lot of photos around on the Internet that are reconstructions/photoshopped/coloured etc. For that reason I’m only using photos that have appeared in DWM or other reference books/magazines/photo libraries. If you know of any (genuine) photos that fill in any gaps needless to say I would *love* to hear from you!

(NB All footage referred to below can be found on the DVD ‘Lost in Time’.)

So, without any further ado, here we go…

MARCO POLO 1-7 (NB No Telesnaps exist for Part 4. There is no footage whatsoever of this story.)

Marco Polo Marco

Tegana Tegana

Ping-Cho Ping-Cho

Man at Lop Man at Lop

Chenchu Chenchu3

Malik Malik

Acomat Acomat

Mongol bandit Mongol bandit

Ling-Tau Ling-Tau

Wang-lo Wang-Lo

Kuiji  Kuiju

Vizier vizier

Kublai Khan KublaiKhan1

Office foreman (assuming aka old man) Old Man

Empress Empress

REIGN OF TERROR 4, 5 (No Telesnaps exist.)

Physician NONE KNOWN



Sheyrah Sheyrah

Luigi Ferrigo Ferrigo

Maimuna Maimuna

Fatima Fatima

Hafsa Hafsa

Ibrahim Ibrahim

Man-at-Arms Man at Arms

GALAXY 4: All characters can be seen in the surviving episode (Part 3) except Garvey.



MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN (NB No Telesnaps exist and no footage whatsoever exists.)



Malpha Screenshot 2015-08-17 18.45.11

Planetarians images

Varga Plant vlcsnap-2013-01-08-10h21m21s183_zpsa08a2e02 NB Varga plants may be visible on screen in Day of Armageddon (see elsewhere on this blog).

THE MYTH MAKERS 1-4 (NB No Telesnaps exist.)


Hector Hector

Odysseus Odysseus

Agamemnon Agamemnon


Cyclops Cyclops

Priam PriamNB Priam can be seen on the TARDIS scanner in 8mm footage.

Paris paris

Cassandra Cassandra

Messenger NONE KNOWN

Troilus Troilus

(Thanks to Jonny Morris for pointing out an Achilles/Steven/Paris mistake that slipped through – oops! The wonderful pic of Steven in DWM482 had been noted and then forgotten by stupid me.)

THE DALEKS’ MASTERPLAN 1, 3, 4, 6-9, 11, 12 (NB No Telesnaps exist.)

Kert Gantry Kert GantryNB Footage exists of Kert Gantry being exterminated by the Daleks.



Interviewer NONE KNOWN

Kirksen KirksenNB Footage exists of Kirksen with Katarina in the Spar’s airlock.

Bors Bors

Garge Garge

Screamer (aka Vampire Bat of Desperus) Screamer


Station Sergeant NONE KNOWN

First Policeman NONE KNOWN

Second Policeman NONE KNOWN

Detective Inspector Detective Inspector

Man in macintosh NONE KNOWN

Blossom Lefevre stuff 045

Darcy Trenton Tranton

Steinberger P Green Steinberger

Ingmar Knopf – NONE KNOWN – but see The Feast of Steven Mysteries

Assistant Director AD?? – but see The Feast of Steven Mysteries for why I’m pretty sure about this one.

Arab Sheikh Sheik

Vamp vamp

Clown clown

Professor Webster NONE KNOWN

Prop Man NONE KNOWN – but see The Feast of Steven Mysteries

Cameraman NONE KNOWN – but see The Feast of Steven Mysteries



Malpah (3) NONE KNOWN

Celation (3)

Celation - Volcano

Celation – Volcano

Old Sara Old Sara

THE MASSACRE 1-4 (NB No Telesnaps exist and no footage whatsoever survives.)

Gaston Gaston

Nicholas Nicholas




Preslin Preslin

Anne Anne

Captain of the Guard NONE KNOWN But see Mysteries and Hypotheses! for a possible pic.



Tavannes Tavannes

De Coligny De Coligny

Old Lady/Woman NONE KNOWN

Catherine de Medici Catherine1

Charles IX Charles






1st Guard NONE KNOWN

2nd Guard NONE KNOWN

THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER 1-3 (NB No Telesnaps exist.)

Celestial Toymaker CToymaker

Joey Joey

Clara Clara

King of Hearts Screenshot 2015-08-05 10.05.08

Queen of Hearts queen

Knave of Hearts Knave

Joker Jester

Dancers ct

Sergeant Rugg Rugg

Mrs Wiggs MrsWiggs

Kitchen Boy Kitchen boy


Chal ChalNB Chal can be glimpsed in 8mm footage recorded off screen.

Tor Tor

Captain Edal Edal2

Exorse Exorse

Jano JanoNB Jano is seen in 8mm footage recorded off screen.

Avon Avon

Flower Flower

Nanina NaninaNB Nanina can be glimpsed in 8mm footage recorded off screen.

Senta Senta

Wylda Wylda

First Assistant/Assistant assistant1 See Mysteries and Hypotheses! for my reasoning.

Second Assistant assistant2 See Mysteries and Hypotheses! for my reasoning.

Third Assistant assisant3 See Mysteries and Hypotheses! for my reasoning.

Savage Savage

Guard Guard


Church Warden LongfootNB Australian censor clip exists showing the Church Warden (aka Joseph Longfoot) being killed.

Cherub CherubNB Several Australian censor clips of Cherub exist. Cherub can also be seen in colour footage of location filming.

Jacob Kewper KewperNB Footage exists of Kewper being shot (Australian censor clip). Kewper can also be seen in colour footage of location filming.

Tom TomNB Tom can be seen in colour footage of location filming.

Squire SquireNB The Squire can be seen in colour footage of location filming.

Spaniard SpaniardNB Spaniard can be seen in colour footage of location filming.

Captain Pike Pike3NB Several Australian censor clips featuring Pike exist.

Jamaica JamaicaNB Footage exists of Jamaica being killed by Pike (Australian censor clips).

Blake BlakeNB Blake can be seen in colour footage of location filming.

Gaptooth Gaptooth


The only new characters in this episode are Cybermen, and as far as I know they’re identical to the Cybermen in the previous episodes – unless you know differently…?

NB Thank you to Icar Faemke on Twitter for a Marco Polo correction.
Thanks also to Frankymole and Tony M Clark of Roobarb’s Forum for alerting me to the photo of Preslin.

The Cornish Mystery

A non-Delegate post, but it is about a missing Hartnell story…

I’m lucky enough to get to write a monthly column for Doctor Who Magazine (@DWMTweets) where I ramble on about stuff. In one column a while ago I found myself digressing off into wondering if a ‘Hugh Fraser’ who was an uncredited extra in 1966’s The Smugglers was the same Hugh Fraser who went on to have a distinguished and varied acting career including, of course, the role of Captain Arthur Hastings in Poirot. (Incidentally, did you know that in the first Poirot/Hastings novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Hastings is nowhere referred to as either a Captain or an Arthur? ‘Hastings’ or ‘Mr Hastings’ only. I’m afraid my love for Christie trivia is almost as great as my love for Who trivia.)

Now, I love Hugh Fraser as Hastings. As a huge Christie fan who also has to spend a lot of time in bed feeling poorly, I have a vast pile of audiobooks that allow Mr Fraser to fill those long miserable hours with his lovely voice. Honestly, he has cheered me up so many times. So this potential combination of Hastings and Who needed further investigation. I applied to the experts – the amazing Andrew Pixley in particular – and realised that it wasn’t impossible with the dates in question. I then enquired of Mr Fraser’s agent, who – and I’m not entirely sure I blame them for this as I possibly failed to come across as a serious writer/journalist instead of a Who-obsessed strange person – failed to reply.

And then…

I am gifted with some wonderfully thoughtful friends, and not one but two chums – Mark Wright (@mwrightwriter) and John Dorney (@MrJohnDorney) – who worked with Mr Fraser were kind enough to ask him about this. And the result – confirmation! Yes, The Smugglers was Hugh Fraser’s first television appearance. It’s nice to know for sure, isn’t it. Thanks again, Mark and John – and thank you so much to Mr Fraser for indulging our curiosity. (Photo by Mark Wright)





Spot the Difference

As readers of Doctor Who Magazine – at least those who don’t skip over my column with a cry of ‘aaaargh no!’ – will know, my husband and I have been watching an episode a day of Doctor Who since January 1st 2013 (our way of celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary). Recently we reached Part Six of The Invasion of Time (filmed in late 1977) – and something caught my eye. The Panopticon dais! Could it be…? Could it possibly be…?

Well, I don’t know. I asked friends who are more expert in these matters than me. They agreed it looked suspiciously similar, but no one actually knew. Could a prop from 1965 still be around in 1977? People didn’t think it impossible – although they suspected that if it were the same prop, it would probably have popped up in other things in between. So if you happen to have spotted something like this in Paul Temple or I, Clavdivs, please let me know…

(Oh, and expert observer Nick Pegg – @NIcholasPegg – points out that that’s probably a hexagonal door from the Liberator flight deck at the top of the stairs. Woo!)



Space Writing

It’s been a jolly exciting Delegates time recently, with some stunningly gorgeous Mirrorpix photos coming to light:


Now, looking at these, and this lovely one in particular:Delegatemachinea question occurred to me. (Well, two questions, the first being ‘What is that machine actually for?’ There’s no mention of a machine in the script, but look at them standing around it! They lurrrrrve that machine. It must be awfully important. Beaus and machi-ine sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. etc.)

Ahem. As I was saying, a question occurred to me. Have a look at this page of the camera script:Missionscript1
See the bottom paragraph? “A document is passed from lectern to lectern, and each man is signing it.” We know from Day of Armageddon that special space writing was all the rage in the year 4000 (see 2.02 onwards here):

BUT HOW CAN SPINEY-FACE AND MR CHRISTMAS TREE SIGN A DOCUMENT? Mr Spiney does do a fairly good line in hands-free pointing – as in this photo – MissionUnknownso he could possibly have grasped a pen somehow, but Mr Christmas Tree has no such powers. My hope is that he etched a signature with his hideous laser-beam eyes (just look at those eyes and tell me that you can’t imagine deadly laser beams shooting out from them). Of course, what probably happened is that either the action was omitted or those characters just happened to do it off camera. But, you know, laser-beam eyes. Wouldn’t that have been great?